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Patenting and Trademarking Your Creations

Turn to the reliable and trustworthy team at Gerald R. Black Attorney and Counselor of Southfield, Michigan, for your legal needs in the areas of product patenting and trademarking of intellectual properties. Working with you each step of the way, we ensure that all your legal documents are filled out and filed correctly. Our services are principally geared towards telecommunications technology, but we do property litigation as well.


Practice Areas

Our law firm offers a very wide array of practice areas, which streamlines the process of having your invention licensed and copyrighted. This includes:

Patents – Licensing – Copyrights – Trade Secrets – Technology Transfer – Smart Phones – Point-of-Sale Transactions – Gaming Technology – Automotive Technology – Business Methods – Ballistics – Cameras – Photography – Information Technology

Items We’ve Patented

Below is a testament to some of the recently-issued US Patents that our firm has provided. The representations include:

9,081,259 Camera Lens Body Shield and Focus Assist Device - 9,061,421 Robotic Work Object Cell Calibration Method - 9,042,608 Data Security System - 8,918,251 CAN Based Vehicle Immobilizer - 8,894,467 Surface Media Blasting System and Method - 8,818,187 Camera Lens Body Shield and Focus Assist Device

8,657,642 R/C Car with Demolition Features - 8,520,905 Data Security System - 8,485,017 - Robotic Work Object Cell Calibration System - 8,464,486 Contoured Floor Pads and Method - 8,388,428 Community Poker Card Game Online Playing System - 8,374,402 Data Security System - 8,286,285 Orthopedic Support Pillow