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Intellectual Property Law in Southfield, MI.

The firm was established in 1998 providing a full range of intellectual property law in Southfield, MI: Patents, Trade Marks, Designs, and Copyrights to clients all over the world. The firm also specializes in intellectual property management and consulting, drafting provisional and patent applications, developing and managing U.S. and global patent portfolios, patent portfolio evaluation, engineering infringement investigation, reverse engineering, litigation services, and support, legal opinions, licensing, and training seminars of intellectual property topics.

We perform Patent and Trademark searches; draft and prosecute Applications for Patents and Trademarks; manage U.S. and international intellectual Property portfolios; provide comprehensive training seminars; advise management in all intellectual property related matters; prepare detailed infringement opinions; due diligence evaluations; licensing and negotiating; and participate in Intellectual Property litigation.

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Technologies Include:

  • Smartphones
  • Point-of-Sale Transactions
  • Gaming Technology
  • Automotive Technology
  • Business Methods
  • Ballistics
  • Cameras and Photography
  • Information Technology

Intellectual Property Firm

Turn to the reliable and trustworthy team at Gerald R. Black, Attorney and Counselor of Southfield, Michigan, for your legal needs in the areas of product patenting and trademarking of intellectual properties. Working with you each step of the way, we will protect your Intellectual Property Rights in the United States and worldwide. We represent clients in Michigan, throughout the United States and the World.

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